Meet the team, the brains behind oXyFire

The clever, talented and sometimes strange people we’re proud to call our team
We are a creative, passionate film production agency and animation studio based in the North of England. We’re a team of seasoned industry professionals with a passion for storytelling. We just love making films and our team will bring your story to life and truly engage your audience.

Meet the Team

  • Meet the Team - Jay Rozanski
    Jay Rozanski
    Producer & Creative Director
    Did you know...
    I've been drumming since I was 7 years old
  • Meet the Team - Jenny Alsina
    Jenny Alsina
    Operations Director
    Did you know...
    I was in a Volleyball team competing nationally
  • Meet the Team - Matt Bridger
    Matt Bridger
    Production Manager
    Did you know...
    I used to play Guitar!
  • Meet the Team - Phoebe Rozalsina
    Phoebe Rozalina
    Head of Security & Fun Officer
    Did you know...
    Woof woof woof woof Woof!
  • Meet the Team - Jeremy Rodway
    Jeremy Rodway
    Producer/ Director
    Did you know...
    I‘m a young man in an old body
  • Meet the Team - Simon Taylor
    Simon Taylor
    GFX Guru
    Did you know...
    I have a secret passion for musicals
  • Meet the Team - Scott Dulson
    Scott Dulson
    Freelance Cameraman
    Did you know...
    I once DJed in down town Manhattan
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