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Case Study: MyBrymec


At the beginning of April 2013 Brymec approached oXyFire Media Creative to produce several short online training video tools to assist and educate Brymec’s customers of their new online ordering system. To coincide with this a short animation teaser was required to help explain how the system worked. The teaser is the part of the project we will concentrate on in this case study.

Detailed Design:

As with all projects we began with a detailed design document, this contained storyboards to illustrate the initial idea’s we had developed. The ideas were developed along side the voice over script which had been supplied by the client. The storyboard showed key scenes from the animation, the voice over reference and also direction notes. Initial Storyboard Ideas: We sketched out what we saw as the key points of the story narrative to help depict what imagery would go with each [part of the script.


After agreeing the basis of the idea and having signed off the initial storyboards we began by detailing the character and location requirements and then developing some sketch’s before creating the actual assets for the animation build.

When the storyline, voice over and character had been established, the next step was to create the backgrounds and other assets required.

Detailed Storyboard:

Now all the assets and script have been finalised and signed off it was sign to begin the animation. The key part of which was the flow of the animation and making sure the clients process was being correctly visualised. We began creating the story with stills with the voice over layered on top to help determine timings.

Client Amends:

We keep in regular contact with our clients throughout the creative process and encourage feedback and comments. After seeing the detailed storyboard and the characters in their surroundings the client decided the characters needed more character. This was achieved by adding more detail to the eyes and mouth. This would also help at the animation stage when animating facial expressions.


With the voiceover and sound track completed and signed off it was time to begin with the animation. All the assets were built in vector format to make the process easier. The animation required a lot of review sessions with the client to ensure everything was as they imagined.  It was important to convey the advantages of the clients new online ordering system and also make the teaser engaging for the end viewer.

Animation Screenshots:

The above images are from the completed animation. The client was delighted with the final film and have already recommended us for similar work to some of their customers.

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