Kickstarting the HDMIPi Revolution

Supporting Cyntech and Raspi.TV in exceeding their Kickstarter target!

Pimoroni & Cyntech

Goals & Objectives:
To create a kickstarter film that introduces the HDMIPi to audiences across the world, in the hope reach their target of £55,000!

Our Approach:
Using interviews from Dave Mellor and Alex Eames in combination with product shots of the new HDMIPi, we creatively told the story of what the HDMIPi is and why it is a fantastic product for Raspberry Pi users.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks but the new LCD monitor, nicknamed HDMIPi, exceeded its original target goal of £55,000 by more than three times! The device, which hooks up directly to your Raspberry Pi or HDMI device can display images at a resolution of 1280x800 providing a beautiful, crisp High Definition image that beats many of its competitors both on quality and price. It's not yet released as a project and already it has taken the world by storm.

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