King Harold

Now is the time, to hear King Harold in rhyme

Grapevine Publishing

Goals & Objectives:
Supporting local author, Ian Macgill, we produced a film in order to showcase his unique story, 'The Rhyme of King Harold'. Based on the Famous English King of 1066, it is written entirely in verse and explains why England came to be conquered by the Normans at The Battle of Hastings.This interesting style offered an amazing opportunity to allow audiences to preview Ian’s story for the first time through film.

Our Approach:
With guidance from Ian Macgill, we created a film of a dramatic reading from King Harold himself, which was filmed using a Sony FS700. Most of the grade and colour was achieved in camera, using a custom picture profile and made for a beautiful looking film that captures the essence of King Harold.

We had great fun producing this film as it was different to anything we'd done before. Ian was delighted with the outcome; hopefully there will be more stories from him in the future!

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