A suite of short films

Executive Produc​er: Alex Bairstow

Creative Brief:
To create a series of 34 short documentary style talking-head films which engage and educate the end-viewer(s) in the breath of Higher Education provision within South Yorkshire; with an ultimate aim of encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to consider HE as a potential pathway for their own futures.

Our Approach: 
Working very closely with our Exec-Producer Alex, we decided to shoot using an aspect ratio of 2.39:1 to give the films an instantly recognisable cinematic look and style. Using a combination of handheld cutaways and static interviews, we created several films that incorporate documentary-style interviews with key contributors. Using the contributors stories and personal experiences of higher education, we took the end-viewer on a journey of discovery into the benefits of Higher Education.

Very positive feedback from all eight education providers. The films are now being used to promote Higher Education Pathways to people aged 14+ across South Yorkshire. 

The suite of films can be found on the HEPP&Co website Below are some of our favourites.

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