PiHUB Online Advert

A high-power, reliable, USB 2.0 hub ideal for the Raspberry PiĀ®

Pimoroni & Cyntech

Goals & Objectives:
To create an online video advert for a product launch. The film needed to demonstrate the all new PiHUB in a fun, exciting and colourful way and on a tight budget.

Our Approach:
We love our good friends at Pimoroni & Cyntech, so what better way to showcase their new joint venture than 'love'? 

Using mix-media, stills photography, stop-motion cinematography and video, we created a quirky, vibrant & energetic film for them to use to promote the launch.

The client launched the product internationally using the online film as advertising collateral. The product has proved to be a great sales success and both Pimoroni & Cyntech have booked in their new jobs. 

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