Vektra - The worlds first thermal insulated electric kettle

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Vektra Part of the Grunwerg Group

Actor - Kerry Patrick
Voice Artist - Carina A Birrell

Our Approach: 
Grunwerg invited oXyFire Media to pitch on an online advert to help showcase their exciting new kettle. The worlds first thermal insulated electric kettle called Vektra, has many great features the main one being that once boiled, it keeps water hot for a guaranteed 4-hours. 

To really understand this product, we had to test it. Jenny and I had the very difficult job of making and drinking several cups of tea/coffee over an 18 day period. It's hard work, but someone has to volunteer to do it. 

We felt that Vektra had a strong identity in terms of brand and uniqueness, which lead us to a sleek and sophisticated look and feel. Our aim was to demonstrate several key features but also to sell the lifestyle of the product as well as its ease of use.

The Vektra/Grunwerg team are beaming with pride over their new sales tool. They even tweeted to say thanks. The future is looking bright as we discuss Digital-POS. 

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We also created an edit specifically to use at trade shows. See below.

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