Filmmaking Workshop

Course Description

These workshops will equip you and your colleagues with the skills needed to plan, shoot/film, edit, export and upload and online video. It includes how to use a video camera and how to select the appropriate camera for the job, the fundamentals of audio, composition of effective shots, shooting an interview and editing the footage to formulate the desired outcome whether that is a corporate message, internal communications or a funny story.

1-day Course Outline (2 to 6 ppl)

At the end of the course you/your colleagues will be able to:

Operate a video camera’s most useful features
Understand how to compose well-framed shots
Understand the different types of microphone available and when to use them
Shoot a simple interview
Shoot a story

3-day Course Outline (2 to 6 ppl)

Full day -
To understand basic camera operations
Understand a variety of camera shots and compositions
Use appropriate lighting techniques for film and video
Use appropriate interview skills
And understand the best place to put the camera in relation to story telling

1st day  - Develop and devise learners own film and understand the planning & production process.
2nd day - Plan and produce learners own film and assist with production learners as they film there
own segment and start the editing process. 
3rd day - Edit the footage filmed, colour grade & sound mix. The last half day will consist in presenting the finished film.

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