Post Production

Does your video need an extra punch, verve, glamour of sparkle? Well the oXyFire team can glitz it up like no other. Through graphics, animations, special effects, editing, audio, conformance and finishing we make the difference between the good and the great, the straight forward and the superb. Our services will take your concepts to the next level helping you stand out from the crowd - your story, your way, just with a little technical sparkle from us!

Projects involving Post Production

  1. Snap Circuits

    Snap Circuits

  2. Acer Chromebook, a case study

    Acer Chromebook, a case study

  3. Pathways


  4. Mech5 by Nebula Systems

    Mech5 by Nebula Systems

  5. Down ‘n’ Outz Music Video Edit

    Down ‘n’ Outz Music Video Edit

  6. Online Training Teaser Animation

    Online Training Teaser Animation

  7. Turbine Efficiency - Our Story

    Turbine Efficiency - Our Story

  8. Acer Chromebook

    Acer Chromebook

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