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Jay Rozanski What's New?

Made by Pimoroni

Friends of oXyFire Jon & Paul from Pimoroni (the company who brought the Pibow to the world www.pibow.com) recently challenged us to a 24hour project. To produce and deliver a high quality film for their new online campaign to launch with the all new KickStarter UK for their exciting new product, PICADE & PICADE-mini.

Sun, 12:01 – “We need it like, tomorrow” they said… “no problem” we said!!!!

Sun, 14:09 – We marched over to their workshop last Sunday to get started.

Background information: The PICADE is a stylish, retro, and fun arcade cabinet for the Raspberry Pi

Sun, 14:30 – Shooting in the Pimoroni workshop really set the scene for how the project began and how the PICADE is put together.

Sun, 17:54 – Then it was back to the oXyFire studio to film the guys, which obviously they loved!!! It was an opportunity for them to put across exactly what drove them to conceive and develop the PICADE and how they planned to move forward and develop it using KickStarter as a platform.

Sun, 22:54 – Time for bed…

Mon, 07:17 – With all the filming complete, next was a very long and very busy day of editing for Jay.

Mon, 19:17 – With a few re-edits and the addition of some graphics and our usual sprinkle of magic the video was ready to be uploaded.

Tue, 00:00 – The film is now being used on the first official UK KickStarter campaign, a funding platform for creative projects and is achieving a massive level of interest and keep on going from strength to strength.


More information go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimoroni/picade-the-arcade-cabinet-kit-for-your-raspberry-p

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