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oXyFire recently edited a music video to accompany a hard-hitting drama to help raise awareness about ‘internal sex traffiking’.

My Dangerous Loverboy is the brainchild of Sheffield-based director Virginia Heath. Originally from New Zealand, Virginia’s latest film follows on from previous award winning shorts: Deep Freeze, Point Annihilation and the 2002 Berlinale Film Festival winner Relativity. My Dangerous Loverboy is backed by the UK Human Trafficking Centre, a multi agency initiative based in Sheffield that provides a central point of expertise and operational co-ordination to combat the trafficking of human beings.  This short specifically deals with the internal trafficking of young girls around the UK but it is also part of a wider cross-platform project backed by the National Film Board of Canada, Northern Film & Media and the UK Film Council – a project which will include a website, mobile phone content, a music video and variety of short drama and documentary films.

Producer Steve Bowden said: “We are using the power and immediacy of the medium of cinema to help the UKHTC alert people to the problem of ‘internal’ human trafficking.  The message of this hard hitting film will initially be taken directly into schools on DVD but we also aim to get the film onto television, social networking sites and into international film festivals.”

Writer and Director Virginia Heath said: “My Dangerous Loverboy is a drama inspired by real events and stories that I heard from some of the young victims of ‘internal’ human trafficking that I met during my research.”

Producer Grant Keir said: “We knew from Virginia’s earlier work that she would be the perfect writer and director for this project.  Her background in documentary gives her an unflinching eye for the detail that makes this film so powerful, yet she has visual flare and a cinematic approach to story-telling.”

The film stars newcomer Juliet Aaltonen who previously appeared in the Working Title feature film Perfect Strangers and took the lead in BBC Radio Four’s When Marnie Was Here.  My Dangerous Loverboy is Juliet’s first on screen lead role. Juliet is joined on screen by George Newton – recently seen in Shane Meadows’ This Is England and Dead Man’s Shoes. The ‘dangerous loverboy’ is played by Junade Khan.  Born and bred in Sheffield, Junade played the lead in the feature film Trouble in Paradise and has recently been seen in the BBC’s Waking the Dead.

My Dangerous Loverboy is helmed by up-and-coming cinematographer Paul Wiseman and crewed by a talented mix of experienced technicians and new entrants from Sheffield, Nottingham and Newcastle.

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