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oXyFire Media Cretaive is participating and exhibiting in a local business networking event on “The Art of Communication” today in Sheffield. The event is being run by Sheffield Business Works, a network run by local businesses. This evening is all about how to stimulate your business growth through improving the way you communicate with your customers. 8 local businesses are exhibiting. These are:- SDL, Square 5 Ltd, Highlander, Showroom Workstation, Chiave Training, ID8 Photography, Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind and of course oXyFire. Kym Hall of I Heart Business is presenting on “How to get the most from social media,” while Moogaloo’s Bea Marshall will tell us “How to ensure your website delivers your message with impact.”

Venue: Showroom Workstation, Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2BX

Today, 5.30pm – 7.00pm (registration from 5.00pm)

Refreshments: Drinks and nibbles

We will be there to advise how to integrate film and video into your online marketing strategy. Feel free to come and meet us to discuss our Design, Do, Build & Deliver production methodology and our #Video2012 national campaign and other relevant topics. Hope you can join us!

All the companies attending today are interested in improving the way they communicate internally and externally as ultimately that’s what we live or die by as companies.

If our customers don’t understand our value proposition as businesses and we don’t articulate it clearly in language they understand, we are going to fail.

The speakers and participants in today’s event all help you communicate better including through social media, web design (Moogaloo), language (SDL), film (oXyFire) and training.
Most participants are growing local SMEs apart from SDL who is a global translation services and technology company with 60 offices in 35 countries worldwide. SDL currently works with 43 of the world’s top 50 leading brands. They also help SMEs who want to go global in time.

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