Video increases conversions by 134%

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for Fashion Industry Retailers – Q1 2010

In case you don’t already know the importance of video on the web, it is now the fastest growing segments of the internet advertising market and is now firmly established amongst internet users. It improves the user experience, increases conversion rates, and generally makes life better for everyone & in the Q1 of 2010 it was reported that over 80% of internet users now watch online video.


Fashion Industry Retailer’s Video Conversion Figures – Q1 2010

  • “No Video CVR%”
    % of Unique Visitors to view a product page who could watch a video, but DIDN’T, yet still added the product to their cart.
  • “Video CVR %”
    % of Unique Visitors to view a product page who DID watch video and added the product to their cart.

With this in mind, most website visitors do not read as much as they used to, and when they do read, they tend to skim-read, which means the importance of your written copy can be lost or misinterpreted. With a mass of content pushed to consumers and employees every day, a well crafted video allows your brand or message to stand out and be clearly understood.

There are three basic reasons for companies to use video: cost-effectiveness, increased productivity and consistency…

1. Cost-effective

A simple, well produced film can be cost-effective and provide immeasurable benefits to your company. It can eliminate the costly need for company trainers to travel. And with the massive variety of digital video and editing technology, films can now be created for a fraction of the price compared to a few years ago.

2. Increased Productivity

Films for corporate messaging, promotions, healthcare benefits or emergency procedures can quickly increase employee productivity. Not only can a well produced film reduce the time it takes to write, format and deliver a presentation, it also takes less time for the employees to view and understand the message being conveyed.

3. Consistency

A film allows your company to have complete control of the message and visual presentation. The film is always delivered with the same information and emotion every time.

Additional benefits of corporate films are:

Marketing Benefits:

  • Increase brand visibility through increased exposure on the Internet
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Videos can quickly go viral
  • Connect with their potential customers on an intimate basis
  • Great way to showcase a product or service
  • Display an online demo of a product
  • A film can be quick and to the point
  • Differentiator for your company against your competitors

Human Resource Benefits:

  • Employee orientations
  • Ongoing employee training
  • Communication of corporate messaging
  • Safety rules and regulations
  • Review of company policies
  • Motivational presentations

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