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Give your business an olympic boost

When you hear the term ‘2012’ two events that have been rigorously drilled into our heads will come to mind; Mayan prophecies and the London2012 Olympics.

Being the upbeat, friendly folk we are here at oXyFire, we decided to focus on the slightly more positive and exciting London2012!

To celebrate this huge event, oXyFire Media Creative is delighted to announce a revolutionary local and national purchasing initiative called #Video2012, which will provide your new or small business with an almighty, olympic boost!

#Video2012 is a unique scheme to provide local businesses the opportunity to use online video by producing them at an affordable price.

To achieve this, we group together several businesses to share the production costs,  allowing us to pass on the significant cost savings to you!

Online video gets results for your business:

• 52% of viewers take action after watching
• 30% of viewers visit an online store
• Clicks for more information increase by 30-40%
• Incoming phone enquiries grow by 16-20%.

Video can do the same and more for you.

#Video2012 has three winning service levels:

Bronze: 1 minute video
Silver:    2 minute video
Gold:     3 minute video

We will cater to your concepts and ideas, but to help us keep the costs as low as possible for you all we ask is that we pick the shooting schedule. “Why?” We hear you ask, it’s simply so that we can edit numerous small projects in one go, whilst still being able to dedicate enough time to your needs individually.

Current oXyFire clients we are proud to provide our services to include Irwin Mitchell, BA & TetraPak to name a few. The unique structure of #Video2012means that we can offer our high quality film production services at approximately 63% off our standard pricing!

This means you too can use online video to promote your business and talk to your existing and potential customers in a new, interesting and relevant way whilst still being cost-effective.

Please look at some examples of our work.

#Video2012 is launching in Sheffield with other cities near you to follow in the coming months!

So feel free to give us a call, send us a tweet (by following @oXyFireMedia and using #Video2012) or pop by for a coffee to ‘discus‘ your ideas.
(Sorry, we had to fit one pun in here!)
Example of Silver #Video2012 video.

N.B: Campaign Specific Terms and Conditions Apply.

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