Who we are

  1. Jay Rozanski

    Jay Rozanski Creative Director

    Did you know…

    I love Satsumas; have you ever seen the YouTube clip 'the annoying orange?'

  2. Jenny Alsina

    Jenny Alsina Operations Director

    Did you know…

    I was in a Volleyball team competing nationally

  3. Phoebe Rozalsina

    Phoebe Rozalsina Head of Security & Fun Officer

    Did you know…

    Woof woof woof woof Woof!

  4. Jeremy Rodway

    Jeremy Rodway Producer/Director

    Did you know…

    I‘m a young man in an old body

  5. Simon Taylor

    Simon Taylor GFX Guru

    Did you know…

    I own 13 fancy dress wigs...

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