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Our Unique Workflow Process

Our mission is to help you tell your story through the use of video and audio. Film production is a complex process but our expertise and robust Design, Do, Build & Deliver workflow significantly simplifies it.

Design is a two step, two way creative, briefing process and is the essential building block to realise your vision. Design also defines the technical specification including key project milestones, scheduling, number of reviews & final deliverables.
Step 1 We interpret your values and project objectives and create your outline design for feedback and approval.
Step 2 We visualise and understand your needs and present them back to you as a storyboard, creative brief and a script where appropriate.


Do is the asset creation stage. It can involve anything from filming on location or in our studio, animation, generation of graphics & motion graphics and voice over. Ultimately, this is where we give our best value.

Build uses the assets created in Do to establish narrative structure to engage your target audience so they absorb your message. Build is like baking a cake. We use many ingredients to create a cohesive whole. Build also contains the online review typically one or two cycles. We provide a rough cut version for your feedback and approval. Agreed refinements are completed before Deliver.


Deliver incorporates the final colour grade and sound mix maximising the quality of the final product. Our proactive and collaborative approach is central to Design, Do, Build & Deliver and ensures you reach your audience.

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