Dog Blog 0.3 – It’s a dogs life

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But is it really?

Someone once described to me that the term ‘it’s a dog’s life’ is something a person might say to mean life is hard and unpleasant. Well whoever said that, I challenge you!

I for one feel very lucky to be a dog in this day and age. I get choffered to work every day where each day is different, I get to meet new people and do a little bit of business.


Going to the dogs, dog tired, to die like a dog, dog’s dinner, dogsbody, dog eat dog, and a dog’s life all refer to a state of affairs best avoided. Specifically, a dog’s life was first recorded in the sixteenth century and seems to have remained in the language with the sense of “a life of misery, or of miserable subserviency” ever since.

Business today more than ever is about building relationships, friendships and ensuring you/we provide the best possible service, yes sure it can be challenging, demanding and sometimes draining but still it’s better than living like a real dog!

But lets get back to me….my meals are served at 5pm sharp, I get my hair and nails done every month and I even have a human Poopa Scoopa. What more could I ask for, ah yes, my own sofa!

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