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I’m slightly crazy about animation… okay you got me I’m CRAZY about animation. From a young age I was glued to the TV; shows like Dangermouse and BatFink amazed my young mind.

Later shows I enjoyed included ‘Trapdoor’ and Aardman Animation ‘Morph’, which featured on Tony Hart’s Saturday morning show. I could see how animation was done and put together with plasticine, a camera and lots of time. Little did I know I would end up creating simple animations for a living, all be it motion graphics.

Motion graphics can create such strong visuals to express your ideas and communicate to an audience just as well as film.

Fund The Arts By Carlso Enciso

In this animation example the use of the pencil as a device to get across the message is great. The colour is appealing too; although it may be fast for some viewers, the pace just keeps flowing at break neck speed.

From Paper to Screen By Parachutes


The second example here explores the use of type and the birth of motion graphics. From the early 1900s narration title cards to Saul Bass’s legendary title sequences which have inspired many a designer. Clair de Lune, by Claude Debussy is used greatly at the start as the text layout changes styles, case and fonts. Fantastic work!

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