oXyFire centre themselves at the heart of a growing filmmaking community

Jenny Alsina What's New?

It has recently been noted that Sheffield is set to have a new base for creative talent.

There are current plans to build a new centre within Sheffield, allowing young and upcoming filmmakers in the North to develop and enhance their creativity within the field. An amazing opportunity for networking and seeking new talent within Sheffield, we are extremely excited to hear the news.

With London being the base for current film features, this will give us the best opportunity to get involved and help nurture and collaborate with young talent.

Over recent years Sheffield has expanded its accessibility to local cities such as Manchester and Leeds, whilst also being a hub of digital technologies. Whilst Sheffield has grown, these cities have become key hot spots for television and film with London outsourcing television networks, such as the BBC and ITV.

With BFI and Creative England therefore planning to set up a centre in Sheffield we couldn’t be more thrilled. We can’t wait to join these cities in finding the writers, directors and producers of the future.

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