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Excellence in Customer Service 2013

Last Friday, oXyFire Media Creative crew members, Polly Blake and Carrie Domendziak-Forth attended The Network’s South Yorkshire Business Awards held at the Double Tree, Hilton in Sheffield. This event was much anticipated and caused great excitement over the past weeks for oXyFire with Customer Service being at the heart of everything they do!

oXyFire was created by one man three years ago from his attic. Since then the business has grown significantly currently having six employees and working with some of the biggest organisations and blue chip companies in the world. During this short time oXyFire has increased the exposure of many businesses through the power of film on multiple platforms as well as helping educate customers using new technologies.

Winning the award and attending the event was a significant moment for oXyFire. Being surrounded by likewise businesses, all who have achieved a lot over for their clients and other businesses alike – it really was a pleasure and honour to win!  They plan to take this award and build on their current success by moving forward and expanding their current business. Jenny Alsina, Director of oXyFire states “our customer base is continually expanding as we plan to visit global companies around Europe and become known worldwide”. Being in Sheffield, a hub of digital technologies, has allowed oXyFire to be amongst other creative professionals and like minded individuals and businesses.

For oXyFire customer service is more than a tool to drive sales, it’s built into our ethos.

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