Setting up a Google+ and YouTube account for business

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Setting up your business YouTube page correctly is easy. Follow the instructions below to help maximise SEO and add/manage managers to make best use of Google+ places.

Draft documentation:

Login or register with Google+ using your business/work email address
(i.e. Google account email not necessarily a google mail email)

Set up a business page by hovering over HOME (top left) and navigate down to Pages

Click Create A Page – Top right of screen

Click on Local Business. If your business is not registered on google places, you will need to register it here. This may take 2 to 4 weeks to verify (you may be required to verify your business via snail-mail)

Add your phone number and click Locate

Select your business and follow the rest of the online instructions until the business page is set up


On the top right, hover and click PAGES. You can then manage your business page

You will then have a ‘VISIT YOUTUBE section’. If you don’t, go to and login with your Google Account email address… and go to the next step

You are now a company YouTube user.

You will have the option of using YouTube as: select ‘Your Company’

Then you can upload to your hearts content –

Don’t forget to add colleagues as managers to Google+ business page, they will then be able to gain access to the business YouTube channel for uploads and stats information.

Repeat this for all accounts you manage and add your colleagues google account email address for YouTube access.

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