100 days of Yellow!

Jay Rozanski What's New?

oXyFire visited one of Sheffield’s biggest landmarks as it turned yellow to represent the jersey worn by the winner of the Tour de France. We were curious as to how the fountains themselves had been transformed; apparently 2kg of dye called fluorescein is being used to illuminate the city centre.

After seeing the fountain, we had a sneaky look online to see what else is happening in the local area and around Yorkshire. Over the next few months, there are numerous events taking place inviting the world to what is now classed as one of the most beautiful County’s to visit – we’ve added a few to our list of ‘must sees’. Have a look and see what’s going on for yourself by clicking here

This is a great opportunity for us to discover what’s going on and be part of the much anticipated arrival of one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

When we have a wander up to the Peace Gardens over the summer, it’ll be weird not seeing it stand out as it does today but until then, we look forward to counting down and getting involved with what Yorkshire has to offer.

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