Jenny Alsina

Operations Director

I have worked for various multinational companies handling some of their biggest accounts gaining valuable experience in the blue chip world. This has given me the knowledge and drive to push oXyFire forward and make it the successful company it is today.

Last year I worked on a project with Jay and enjoyed it so much that we decided to partner together, you could say that we are the perfect match he’s the creative and I’m the organiser. The media world is a dynamic and creative world filled with interesting and bizarre characters. I have enriched my life immensely and will continue to do so. Thanks to my parents I’ve been fascinated with films, I can recollect watching Marx Brothers at the age of nine and enjoying every last bit of it!

I see myself as a motivator, organiser, optimist and above all with a very goofy sense of humour!

Life is about being happy with who you are; love what you do and cherish each moment as it was your last…

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